Welcome to my Blog!

Work, however you define it, gives life meaning. I believe with the correct motivation, communication skills, and determination, you can do almost anything you set your mind to. Through my experiences, I hope to inspire others to believe that with these values that anyone can achieve their work and life goals.

My free time is mostly spent training my border collie, Odin. The same motivation, communication, and determination skills/values used in my professional life are directly relatable to his training. These skills are my passion as they carry over and affect both my personal and professional life.

My husband and I adopted Odin in November of 2017 when he was 9 weeks old. Since then, my life has become a never ending adventure. Border Collies were bred to work and finding them a suitable job in suburbia can be difficult. Having sheep in your backyard is not really an option in suburbia, therefore finding them a suitable job is detrimental to both the dogs and your wellbeing. When choosing a job or training for any breed of dog, you need to ensure it is the correct motivation to make them want to work, you are using the correct type of communication while training, and that you have the determination/stamina to continue their training for the long haul.