Odin’s 1st Birthday

Odin turned one today (Sept. 9, 2018) and yesterday, I held a small birthday bash with my husband and my parents. I made special peanut butter pup-cakes from him and picked up a piñata for a little birthday fun. In addition, we ordered some food and enjoyed a nice afternoon hanging out in the backyard enjoying the nice weather and good company. Some people may think this is a little odd and eccentric, but that’s who I am.

Starting off the day right!

654C8BFC-6048-48E2-BFAF-CC8FBEB81ECB.JPGDressed in his special birthday bandana, we (Odin, my husband and myself) headed off at 8am to his weekly Pooch Patrol walk where he saw old friends and made some new ones. We walked around downtown Livermore, taking in all the sights and excitement our little downtown has to offer.

From there we headed home where Odin took a nap while I prepared for his party which included finishing up making his pup-cakes and some people friendly cupcakes, and stuffing his dalmatian pinata with some yummy treats.

It’s party time!

giphy-2.gifOnce my parents arrived, we started with presents. Odin was excited to find out what special present was hidden beneath the Spider-Man wrapping paper.


The first present consisted of a rubber kong ball with a tennis ball trapped inside. This toy drives him crazy as he cannot get the tennis ball (his most favorite thing in the entire world) out. Then he opened up his new larger soccer ball type ball.

He enjoyed chasing both balls around the backyard and in the house.

The human at the party enjoyed Vietnamese food from a local vendor while Odin patiently waited for the main attraction, the piñata. But before that, he needed to pose for a birthday photo in his birthday hat and enjoy is special pup-cake.


Next was what everyone had been waiting for, the main attraction, the PINATA!

giphy.gifWe attached the fireman dalmatian to his flirt pole and after a few curious looks from Odin, he was enjoying himself trying to tear the piñata to shreds. First he removed the body of the piñata, and then went after the dalmatian’s head until the piñata could no longer be identified. He enjoyed the special blueberry dog cookies that had been placed inside and seemed happy and content with the days activities.


Happy First Birthday Odin!

Yes, I am obsessed when it comes to my dog but that is because he is a big and important part of my life. It would be weird to not celebrate the joy he has brought to my life. He is always happy to see me and my husband. When we come home from work, he is overcome with joy and zooms around the living room not really knowing what to do with all his excitement. Even when we let him back in from going to the bathroom in the backyard, it is like he is seeing us for the first time in ages. It is very rewarding to be that loved by someone and share such a strong connection. He provides me with unconditional love and brings out the best in me. He has challenged me in so many ways, from being a reactive little butt-head to destroying anything fluffy. He learns so quickly that it takes a lot to keep up with him. But now that we have been together for almost a year, I have figured out how to best communicate with him. Teaching him new things is simple and usually quick because we have worked hard on our communication with each other. He learned back up in 30 minutes and last week he learned targeting a special object in a handful of minutes.

IMG_1758.jpgSo, yesterday  I threw him a birthday party to show him how much he means to me, how much I love him, and how much I will continue to love him. When he first arrived home last November, I did not understand how much I could love something. I will continue to love him for many birthdays to come and I will continue to throw him birthday parties because he is such an important member of my family.

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